MWR Funding

Montrose West Recreation receives annual funding from Montrose County.

For the year 2011, MWR received $8,000.00 for operating expenditures. We have also recently received a $10,000 grant from the Ross Foundation for the purchase of our small fleet of mountain bikes, available free to area youth and to maintain bicycles for free or low cost to area youth.

MWR received a $25,000 Strengthing Communities Fund Grant from the Telluride Foundation to help MWR re-route the Paradox Trail making mountain biking more viable as an economic development tool for the West End. The SCF Fund will also provide for the development of MWR and Paradox Trail websites.

Montrose County Funding
• 2015 & 2016 $12,500 Annually
• 2013 & 2014 $10,000 Annually
• 2012 $8500 Annually
• 2011 $ 8000 Annually

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$1500 Awarded the Just for Kids Foundation Grant in 2014, 2015, & 2016



$1500 Awarded from San Miguel Power Assn. in 2015


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In 2016 West End BMX was awarded $1000 from Strider for 16” Strider Bikes.