About MWR


Montrose West Recreation, Inc. was first incorporated in 1979 as a non-profit entity for the purpose of improving and expanding existing recreational facilities in the West End of Montrose County.

By sponsoring local endeavors, MWR serves as a local “umbrella” organization for which a variety of interests could come together to further the recreational needs of the area. This includes adult softball and volleyball leagues, swimming lessons at the Uravan pool and summer activities for the area children.

Funding was obtained through Energy Impact money distributed through the Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs. Federal PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) were also available to MWR through Montrose County at the time. An executive director was hired to actively seek grant money to further MWR Objectives.

In 1982, MWR spearheaded its first attempt to form a Special Taxing District for the purpose of funding recreational programs. Although not successful, this laid the groundwork for a second successful attempt in 1989 for the purpose of constructing a swimming pool in the area. The San Miguel Basin Parks and Recreation District was officially formed but later dissolved by a vote of the citizens a short time later and the idea of constructing an area swimming pool was lost.

Today, Montrose West Recreation continues to act as a coordinator for the area recreational activities, working closely with area citizens, schools, towns and organizations.

Mission Statement: The mission of Montrose West Recreation, Inc. is to assist with and coordinate for all citizens of West Montrose Countya variety of recreational opportunities.

Vision Statement: Montrose West Recreation, Inc. strives to promote increasing involvement from community members for a broader recreational base.


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